“100 Years 100 Objects” Book

To celebrate the centenary of Poças in 2018, we selected 100 objects from the attic of the old house that we felt offered an interesting perspective on the history of the company and the art of winemaking. The book, produced to commemorate the Poças centenary, is entitled “100 years 100 objects”. The making of wine is an art, which, whether we know it or not, mirrors the evolutions and revolutions experienced throughout a century and remembered in these objects.

The items that most clearly narrate the story of the company over those 100 years are presented in this book in the words of Emílio Remelhe, and beautifully captured through the lens of photographer João Ferrand.

A book as a way of remembering, and, in the words of António Barreto, “a service to the Douro and to our shared culture”.

The book is available from our Visitor Centre in Vila Nova de Gaia and from wook.pt.

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