Be a “Chef For a Day”

Here at Poças we believe in taking the pleasures of life seriously, and also that good things are made to be shared. In 2019 we started up an internal scheme called “Chef for One Day”, in which we challenge our colleagues, working in pairs, to show the rest of us their skills in the kitchen. It’s the perfect setting for showcasing our “hidden chef”.

Three or four times a year we get together at the Visitors Centre with our colleagues for this light-hearted cooking challenge, which includes the tasting of wines chosen in accordance with the menu presented by the chefs of the day.

Due to our close relationship with the Bagos d’Ouro charitable association, which provides support to children and young people in the Douro region who live under conditions of economic hardship, the token fee paid by each participant for taking part in Chef for One Day goes directly to the charity, with the cost of materials for the event met by Poças.

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Gathering colleagues around the table to share good food cooked by the “chefs”, and served with the wines we know and love, is surely one of the nicest possible ways of team building for a good cause.

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