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Because we take wine so seriously, we make sure that all the fun and simple experience do not get lost on the way. And this is precisely the motto for the launch of the latest Douro DOC novelty: the Tongue Twister Red 2019.

Our dear Tongue Twister answers to different names (“Tongue Twister” versus. “Trava-Línguas”, in Portuguese), and presents itself in several facets depending on the language and culture of the destination market.

The original illustrations present in each of their identities, are the result of the challenge we launched to some well-established artists, based on each market in which we work, that we handpicked to take part in this project, by representing their own visual interpretation of a local tongue twister. In Portugal, we had the collaboration of the artist André da Loba to give life to a traditional tongue twister.

Continuing the path already started in 2017, with some projects with a strong connection to culture and art, such as “Thirty Three, Poças!” or “Fora da Série” ambassadors, this original and unique series of labels emerged to invite you to enjoy this rich and playful wine, which completely surrenders to the glass and to our mouth, without complications or prejudices.

Using Poças Wines AR app, that has been especially developed for this project, in each illustration you will be able to enjoy an augmented reality immersive experience with the label through your smartphone.

Poças Wines AR app is now available as a free download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

This investment in new technology, in order to add value to the experience of drinking a good wine, is further evidence of Poças’ innovation and boldness energy, that will definitely create a “buzz” around the wine world.

To learn more about the project, check this out.

We invite you to go on this journey and enjoy this experience that you will certainly won’t be able to resist sharing with your friends. You will be able to buy this Tongue Twister Red 2019 here in our Visitor’s Center shop, or here at our Online Shop.

And, by the way: can you guess the tongue twister?

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