Poças Vintage 2018

Poças Vintage 2018

Port only made on very exceptional years. Aged in oak barrels to mature it is bottled, without any filtration whatsoever, between the second and third year after the harvest. This Special Collector’s Edition Vintage Port, with a unique design, carries the special mark of family and long-standing friends and clients that have participated in the collaborative “lagarada” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company

  • Ageing: Matures in wooden vats, strictly controlled with successive tasting, until the approval by the IVDP
  • ABV: 19.2%
  • Grapes: Field blend

Poças Vintage 2018 and Bagos d’Ouro

We had the pleasure to invite Bagos d'Ouro to a wine dinner at The Yeatman Hotel to proudly offer them the funds that we’ve raised from Poças Vintage 2018... Read more...

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Let’s Give a New Twist to Port

Let's Give a New Twist to Port with the help of the amazing barman and mixologist Carlos Santiago. Read more...

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