Poças and its Vegan Wines

In response to growing consumer demand for vegan solutions, last month we set to work on our wines’ vegan certification, now starting with white & rosé Douro DOC and Port wines, but with the intention to cover the whole range in the long term.

It is a great pleasure and honour to share this first step of our vegan certification journey with our partners & friends, and to inform that, from now on you will be able to find the v-label stamp in most Poças wines’ back labels.

A wine vegan certification guarantees that all the criteria set by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) are fulfilled during the whole vinification process, assuring that no substance of animal origin were used, but only substances of mineral and vegetable origin.

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Poças Vegan wine range

Douro DOC: Coroa d’Ouro Branco 2020, Vale de Cavalos Branco 2020, Poças Rosé 2020, Poças Reserva Branco 2020, Branco da Ribeira 2019

Port: Poças White, Poças Ruby, Poças 10 Years old White, Poças Special Reserve Ruby, Poças LBV 2015, Poças 10 Years old Tawny, Poças 20 Years old Tawny, Poças 30 Years old Tawny, Poças Colheita 1996, Poças Colheita 2000, Poças Colheita 2010, Poças Colheita 2011

Thus, on the way to 103 years of life, Poças still proves its contemporaneity and the willingness to be part of every consumers’ table.

Thank you for choosing us!

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