Fora da Série

Poças Fora da Série French Connection 2018

Produced from a parcel of old vines from Quinta de Santa Bárbara, this wine is born from the work and exchange of ideas between the winemaking team at Poças and its consultant Hubert de Boüard, winemaker and owner of Château Angélus (St Émillion) and La Fleur de Boüard (Lalande de Pomerol)


Port Wine

Poças Colheita 2005

The Colheita is a high-quality Port issued from a single harvest, aged in oak casks for at least seven years. During maturation in wood, the young, fresh and fruity aromas will turn into an elegant and complex bouquet combined with a silky texture and a long-lasting finish



Poças Reserva Tinto 2021

Produzido com uvas tintas provenientes do Cima Corgo e Douro Superior, resultando num vinho elegante e sofisticado, com aromas de fruta madura, compota e especiarias


Transforming Waste into Art

In a collaboration between Poças and the Faculty of Fine Arts from Porto University (FBAUP), a visionary initiative has emerged to breathe new life into the waste generated from non-used labels....

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Fora da Série Sustainability: being “outside the box”

Being “Fora da Série” means irreverence, innovation and creativity, but that’s not all. “Fora da Série” isn’t just making innovative and bold wines, since it is also about (re)learning...

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Poças and the Artistic Vein

The taste and interest in art is not something new in the universe of Poças and that has been rising over time through various partnerships. From the creation of cloth bags with drawings by the...

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An ancient tradition of fish and smoke

Smoked shad in port wine barrels is a practice that comes from our great-great-grandparents and that, in addition to a perfect barrel, requires quality fish. The shad is a fish that grows mainly in...

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Creativity and Innovation

Poças Tongue Twister Red 2019, presents itself in several facets depending on the language and culture of the destination market.

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