Fora da Serie

Poças Fora da Série Acrobata 2019

A white wine produced from the Portuguese grape varieties Códega, Arinto and Rabigato. Long aged in old barrel under a thin “flor” layer, showing the perfect balance between the oxidative profile that results from the prolonged aging and the freshness from high-altitude vineyards


Special Editions

Soberbo Vermouth

Inspired by old company records and essences from the thirties and forties, Soberbo Vermouth is made from white Port Wine and 18 different botanicals carefully selected and picked in Poças’ Estates in Douro Valley. This unique combination provides an original and perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness


Celebrating History

Poças 1918
Very Old Tawny Port

Poças 1918 is a Very Old Port Wine, specially bottled to celebrate the 100 years and to honour the region. Created from the careful selection of a lot of Port Wines stored for years at Quinta das Quartas, this wine presents the fascinating complexity, texture e personality of very old Port Wines.


Douro Superior, a limitless terroir

Our estate Vale de Cavalos is located in Numão, in Douro Superior (Upper Douro), a region that is well-known for its excellence status and a mysterious... Read more...

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Poças Vintage 2018 and Bagos d’Ouro

We had the pleasure to invite Bagos d'Ouro to a wine dinner at The Yeatman Hotel to proudly offer them the funds that we’ve raised from Poças Vintage 2018... Read more...

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Poças and its Vegan Wines

We've just started to work on our wines' vegan certification, in response to the growing consumer demand. Read more...

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