Let’s Give a New Twist to Port

Proving that Port can be enjoyed at any time and in many ways, we work together with the barman and mixologist Carlos Santiago – winner of the 3rd national edition of the World Class competition in 2017 and elected Barman of the Year in 2015.

Carlos has amazing suggestions for some delicious cocktails based on the freshness and flavours of some of our Ports.

Let’s Give a New Twist to Port!

Some Kind of a Daiquiri


60ml Poças White
25ml Lime Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
50ml White Daiquiri Tea (Available at a Tea Shop)

Method: Shake
Garnish: Edible flower
Glass: coupe libbey

Port Smash


60ml Poças 10 Years Old White
20ml Lapsang Souchong syrup
30ml Lime juice
5 Basil leaves

Method: Maceration and Shake
Garnish: Sisho Leaf
Glass: Coupe Tiki Libbey

Pink Desire


60ml Poças Pink
25ml Lemon Juice
20ml Sugar Syrup
15ml Egg White
5 Raspberries

Method: Maceration + Dry Shake + Shake
Garnish: Raspberries and raspberries dust
Glass: Coupe Libbey

Expresso Dry Port


60ml Special Reserve Dry White
10ml Coffee Syrup
40ml Cold Brew

Method: Shake
Garnish: Coffee bean
Glass: Tulipa Libbey

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