Poças Vintage 2018 and Bagos d’Ouro

Last month, on the 8th of July, we had the pleasure to invite our last-standing friends from Bagos d’Ouro (a Private Institution of Social Solidarity that helps children in Douro Valley) to the Poças’ wine dinner at The Yeatman Hotel, in order to proudly give them the funds that we’ve raised until now, as a result from our Poças Vintage 2018 sales.

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In this year, when there was no time or space to fundraising events – such as the well-known Bagos d’Ouro Wine Party, we believe that our contribution can make a real difference in the hands of the ones who take care of the past and the present of the Douro Valley, helping children in need.

Therefore, Poças Vintage 2018 marks the sum of memories, stories and strong relationships for which we are very grateful for and that are the reason of our existence and the biggest boost to our staying power.

Produced with grapes sourced from Vinhas Velhas (old vines) grown in Quinta de Santa Bárbara (Cima Corgo), this wine shows good intensity of colour and a fruity flavour and being surprisingly elegant. Besides being very floral and fresh and showing firm tannins, this wine definitely ends in great stories, opening the way to all the kids supported by Bagos d’Ouro.

There are still a few bottles of this Special Limited Collector’s Edition left, and we remain fully committed to raising funds for Bagos d’Ouro. Challenge accepted?

We are counting on you too!

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