Poças Fora da Série

In 2019, Poças took the liberty of sharing with the world the wines that were previously only shared amongst family and friends, the results of experiments carried out by the oenology team. This project, “Fora da Série” (limited editions),  looked at the reinvention of artisanal techniques and artefacts from the past.

“Fora da Série” is also unusual because it is experimental in character, and because it exists in a limited edition – just right for those who are curious about and interested in the art of wine.

Our Fora da Série wines:

Poças Fora da Série Orange Wine 2020

Poças Fora da Série Ânfora White 2018

Poças Fora da Série Touriga Nacional Red 2015

Poças Fora da Série Vinho da Roga Red 2019

Poças Fora da Série Tinta Roriz Red 2018

Poças Fora da Série Throwback Red 2007

Poças Fora da Série Mais White 2018

Poças Fora da Série Acrobata White 2019

Poças Fora da Série Cerceal White 2020

For us. making wine is the same as creating something as truly unique as a work of art, and has led us to establish links with different artistic movements, supporting and paying tribute to Portuguese talent in its most varied forms. Continuing with the support to culture and the arts that began in 2017 with Luís Mendonça, we take the concept of “Fora da Série” and make it real, searching for the stories of Portuguese artists who dare to be different, and who design their own future with courage and individuality.

Learn more about our dear Fora da Série Ambassadors:

Cristina Planas Leitão, dancer and choreographer

Mariana, a Miserável, illustrator

Sónia Balacó, model, actor and poet

Rui Poças, director of photography

Find out all the details about our Fora da Série wines here.

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