The Science of “Flor”

All these years and experience bring us a fresh look over the past and all the successes that we happily carry give us the confidence and boldness needed to take risks and to try to do things differently.

The wines originated under a “flor” are a good example of this since, like many other major world discoveries, have happened by chance.

But, in fact, we know that the true wisdom lies in the moment we decide to take the discovery seriously, carefully analysing it, in order to expand its whole potential.

In the winemaking world, “flor” (or “velum”, as it is also known) is a film of yeast on the surface of wine. Some wines have the unusual characteristic of being aged inside an oak barrel only partially filled, where this veil develops spontaneously on its surface due to the presence of oxygen and its alcohol content.

This winemaking process is world-renowned mainly for its representation on the famous fortified wines from Jerez de La Frontera, in Spain, that have been practicing and mastering the art of “flor” wines for many, many years.

Here in our own house, under the project “Fora da Série”, Acrobata 2019 has just been born in the beginning of the year, showing a deliciously well-balanced and fresh profile, precisely by the use of this ancestral winemaking technique called “flor”.

Under this veil, a surprisingly dry white wine has emerged, with some typical aromas from evolution, like leaven and toasted bread. A wine that truly deserves to be called “acrobat” because of the perfect harmony between acidity and freshness, the stability achieved and the evident mastery of balance and time that, just like for a circus acrobat, are the truly key for a safety finale: the survivorship and life.

To find out more about the newcomer Fora da Série Acrobata 2019, you can check here, and if you’re not able to resist any longer, you can also order from our Online Shop.

Let yourself be surprised by the character and originality of the history we’ve been writing for you. Thank you for joining us!

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