“Thirty Three, Poças!”, Luís Mendonça Sculptures

On 17 January 2017 we inaugurated the Luís Mendonça exhibition – Thirty-Three, Poças!. AKA Gémeo Luís (Luís the twin), this exhibition was the first in our mission to pay tribute to and show appreciation of Portuguese art, and was held over a period of one month at the headquarters of the Institute of Douro and Port wines.

We invited illustrator and designer Luís Mendonça to create a series of objects to illustrate metaphors on the subject of wine, based on the theme of the ‘hidden’ wine bottle.

These bottle-sculptures appear alongside the words of Emílio Remelhe, who takes us on a journey through the vast world of Port wine, inviting us to question the social traditions that surround this drink and challenging the wine to free us from differing contexts and life situations.

blog image
blog image

The texts and sculptures have been collected together into one book, which was launched in 2017 during the exhibition. The book can be purchased at our Visitor Centre in Gaia, where some of the sculptures by Luis Mendonça are also on display.

Why not come and take a look?

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